What is YouBackIt?

It is an online Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Platform to connect Real Estate Developers/Owners with Individual/Corporate Investors. Regularly, we also conduct educational events and investment talks to equip Investors with value added knowledge.  


Why should I invest though Youbackit platform?

Youbackit is the only platform in Singapore that specializes and focus in Real Estate crowdfunding. We have a team of real estates investors/advisers with over 100 years of real estate cum investments experiences to select and pick only Real Estate with high investment values and opportunities for your backing and support.  Who are we  


What value can I get from Youbackit as an investor?

To qualify for a project development listing with Youbackit, our team of underwriters will go through a stringent Due Diligence process on these projects as well as background checks on developers /owners. There is no shortcut to this as we are only interested to list projects that are worth backing and supporting with a reasonable investment returns. Building trust and creating values with our investor members is our immediate goal. Our value we give will not cost you a Price.  


How do I invest through Youbackit?

We provide simple and convenient transactions with 3 clicks to back a real estate project at anytime and anywhere. Be a member  


What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest?

Minimum amount is USD$1,000. There is no limit for maximum amount. However, for online investment there is an upper limit of USD$5,000. Any amount above USD$5,000 will via TT or cheque.   Who can invest? Only members of Youbackit platform can invest. An individual or corporate can register as member via our online platform. There is no membership fee to join. Register  


Can I refer my friends to be members of Youbackit? Yes, Youbackit does offer referral program and you will be rewarded with referral fees each time when your friend invest through our platform. We offer up to 3 levels of referral fees. ( Be a referral – Create a link )  


Does YouBackIt charges any service fees?

There is no service fee for the investors. However, we do charge a service fee on the project Developer/Real Estate owner whom list their projects for crowdfunding.  


When can I expect a return on my investment? How is it going to be distributed?

Your investment return will depends on the terms offered by the project developer. Typically distributions of returns can range from monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. Distribution of investment return will be via bank transfer or cheque payment.  


Who owns the properties?

Subject to the terms and conditions of project arrangement with the Developer. An investor can either owns the property or holds the title of the property directly or under trust.  


Where does my investment amount go?

An appointed project manager, who is the manager of your funds and projects that you are backing collect your investment amount as well as distribute your investment returns and capital amount of your investments. This project manager is a corporate entity established for each individual project under its respective jurisdiction of the project development located.


What happens when project Developer/Owner default payment?

The contract between Investors and Developer/Owner will spell out clearly the terms and conditions in the event of default by Developer/Owner. There will be a recourse action in place to protect Investors over such events.


Are there any tax charges involve?

There is no tax charges involve, as your investment returns are net of tax payable by the project developer or owner.


Are there any tax reliefs in which I can apply?

No, there is no tax relief.


What happens if YouBackIt runs out of business?

There is a tripartite agreement between Youbackit, Property Developer/Owner and Project Manager serves to work and protect investors. Under this agreement, in the event when Youbackit is out of business, the project manager shall take over. At the same time, Investors will have a direct contract agreement with the Property Developer/Owner over the project invested.


What is the advantage of a Real Estate Crowdfunding as compare to a Peer-to-Peer lending Crowdfunding? Real Estate Crowdfunding is the same as investing into a piece of property or assets that comes with a title of ownership. Unlike Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding, you are investing into a business and when the business winds up, there are no hard assets for liquidations most cases.