About Us


To connect Crowdfunders with Quality Real Estate Developers for Mutual Investment Benefits via a Safe Efficient Online Platform



YouBackit! is the trade name under Fair Capital Venture Pte. Ltd. It is a digital media organisation that provides online services for real estate industry, by enabling innovative real estate developers to connect directly with investors who are eager to support real estate projects and to centralize ongoing investor relations. It is formed by a group of cross-industry experts from Real Estate, Finance, Technology and Legal. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to create a better future for themselves through real estate investments; traditionally accessible only to people of higher net worth groups and institutions.



C T Ong

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Ang

Chief Underwriting Officer

Sebastian Ong

Chief Marketing Officer

Dominic Ang

Chief Information Officer

Oliver Quek

Legal Counsel


Sam Phuchin

V.P. Business Development


Peter See

V.P. Sales


Cross-Industry Experts

Formed by a group of professional experts with accumulation of more than 100 years of experience from Real Estate, Financial, Technology and Legal industries

Detailed Underwriting Process

A structure detailed underwriting procedures to underwrite each individual project in order to safeguard the interest of YouBackIt members

Simple Transactions

Provide simple and convenient transactions with 3 clicks to back a real estate project at anytime and anywhere.


Accumulate Wealth

Portfolio Diversification

Inflation Proof

Create Cash Flow

Appreciation Potential



Bring offline process to online and assist you in gaining total visibility from our online platform


Connect your business directly to your investors who are members on our platform


Use technology to draw on the power of crowd to make your development proposals a reality


Professional Managed by a group of cross industry experts who oversee every aspect of your investment offerings